Cybersecurity and Connected Healthcare

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018
8:45 AM–10:00 AM
Congressional B
Case Studies

Moderator: Darius Tahir, eHealth Reporter, POLITICO

Over the past two decades, the Internet and wireless technology have created highly connected healthcare environments. EHRs, medical devices, patient monitors, diagnostic and imaging technology, and other medical equipment allow hospitals and physicians to deliver faster, higher quality, and more efficient patient care. However, the rise of connected healthcare has come with an increasingly sophisticated cyber threat environment. Malware and ransomware attacks on hospitals are increasingly prevalent and can paralyze systems, compromise computers, and disrupt day-to-day operations, and have also brought with them new approaches and considerations for effectively managing risk.

 To maximize the benefits of connectivity, all of us in the healthcare ecosystem must work together to protect patients and their information from the cyber risks that face the entire healthcare industry. In fact, a recent survey of physicians and hospital administrators found that both groups look to the industry and other stakeholders to help them manage cybersecurity challenges. We all play a role in improving healthcare cybersecurity – from the CISO to the physician to the manufacturer. Join us for a conversation with leading CISOs, physicians, and other experts from across the healthcare sector to discuss the rise and benefits of connected healthcare as well as perspectives on cybersecurity risk in the hospital environment. 

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