Investing in Health IT: Finding Success with EHRs and Emerging Tech

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018
10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Congressional A
Breakout Sessions

Moderator: Christopher “CJ” Wiggins, Co-Founder, ORHub

In recent years, as more and more hospitals and physician offices have adopted electronic health records, true interoperability of health information technology has remained an important but elusive goal. Healthcare providers still face a number of barriers to delivering full and seamless coordination of their IT, including persistent roadblocks to data sharing, inconsistent standards, technical problems and continued workflow burdens reported by clinicians. Cybersecurity is a looming concern, as are issues like privacy and startup and maintenance costs. This session will explore the current health IT landscape and offer key strategies for healthcare executives aspiring to get the most out of new tech.

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