Implementing Population Health: Refining and Funding Your Plan

Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018
10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Mount Vernon Square A
Breakout Sessions

Moderator: Garth Graham, M.D., MPH, President, Aetna Foundation
Vice President of Community Health, Aetna

What does it take to successfully manage the health and well-being of populations? Hospitals need to get really good at assessing and managing risk and become proactive about developing care management plans that anticipate and reduce the need for utilization. All of this can be especially tricky at a time when care is still largely provided under a fee-for-service arrangement that doesn’t reward efforts to keep people well. Hear from pioneering organizations about practices they’ve implemented that are working, such as effectively stratifying patients by level of risk, using disease registries and predictive analytics strategically, addressing the social determinants of health (including housing and unemployment), and adopting comprehensive care management plans. What tactics are they employing to support such innovation? Some hospitals are acting as payers, some are forging novel partnerships, some are turning to philanthropy.