Read why our sponsors see value in participating at Healthcare of Tomorrow:


Web-Accenture“Digital technologies are emerging as the underpinnings of new care models driven by intense pressures to radically increase benefits, productivity and control costs. Healthcare of Tomorrow brings together some of the best minds in the industry to discuss the potential for technology to improve health care by offering new channels to deliver care, engage and consult patients, offset labor costs and enable better integration of care by providers. It is Accenture’s mission to bring these insights and innovations to our clients around the world, to share how emerging digital solutions can give patients more control, personalization and transparency – lowering the cost of care while increasing benefits at the same time.” – Kaveh Safavi M.D. J.D., global managing director, Accenture Health


“It’s been a very good opportunity for us. We’ve talked to some valuable people. Our presentation went really fantastic. We were hoping to get some brand awareness out of the panel, which we definitely did. Overall the branding opportunity and the halo effect of getting to be with U.S. News is quite good for us.” – Victoria Holl, analyticsMD


“I think the sessions have a good mix of high-level and system-level things and more granular topics. I think this conference is very well organized. The reception Wednesday night was great. It’s a very well-done conference.” – Jim Papp, Director of External Reporting and Transparency, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


“We are here to maintain our presence with our peers and to showcase some of the things we do. There are quality people are here.” – Madeleine Boyer, KidsHealth, Nemours Children’s Health Media



“As a hospital executive, you’re faced with raising the quality of patient outcomes and decreasing costs – all while operating in a highly dynamic environment… That’s why Siemens develops Sustainable Healthcare Technology(tm), our approach to innovation that helps providers improve patient outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs.” – David Fisher, Vice President of Health Policy and Strategy, Siemens Healthcare