Rocky Edmondson

Senior Director, Bundled Payment Consulting, xG Health Solutions

Rocky Edmondson
Rocky Edmondson

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A Package Deal: Laying the Groundwork for Bundled Payments
Thursday, November 3, 2016 • 2:15 PM–3:30 PM

Rocky E. Edmondson is the Senior Director of Bundled Payments for Care Redesign and Management Advisors at xG Health Solutions. Edmondson has been involved in workflow redesign, program implementation, and analytic evaluation of Bundled Payment Programs across the country, and he coaches hospitals, health systems, post-acute providers, and physician groups on how to successfully implement care redesign in the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) and CJR Programs.

Edmondson’s passion is helping people to understand the intricacies of Bundled Payment Programs. He has a talent for teaching people how to cut through all the noise and just do the things that matter to be successful in these programs.

Edmondson holds an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Hawaii Maui, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Boise State University.

Prior to joining xG Health Solutions, Edmondson was the Southeast Region Director of Clinical Operations for Remedy Partners, overseeing program design, implementation and analytic evaluations for Bundled Payment Programs. Prior to embarking on a career in Bundled Payments, Edmondson was a Registered Nurse for 18 years, working in a number of positions within Critical Care. Before becoming a Nurse, Edmondson was an Institutional Broker at Merrill Lynch and advised a number of healthcare systems and large corporations on cash management strategies. In addition, Edmondson has started several businesses and provided consulting for small business startups. Edmondson served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Recon Marine.