Stepping Up Pediatric Patient Safety

Thursday, November 3, 2016
8:45 AM–10:00 AM
Meeting Room 3
Pediatric Breakout Sessions

Moderator: Kimberly Leonard, Health Care Reporter, U.S. News & World Report

To improve patient safety, many healthcare providers are focusing on reducing hospital-acquired conditions, curbing costly readmissions and other adverse events, and promoting an institutional culture of safety that will not only save lives but also reduce costs. The efforts are particularly robust at children’s hospitals, more than 100 of which are part of the Solutions for Patient Safety network, a collective that is aiming to reduce the rate of HACs by 40 percent by year’s end. Nationwide, researchers are examining a number of potential solutions, including common safety triggers in electronic medical records, improving care protocols and post-discharge processes, and making information more transparent to patients and consumers. This session will explore how children’s hospitals in particular are working to create comprehensive safety plans that strengthen quality of care.