Focused Factories: The Advantages of the Specialized Approach

Thursday, November 3, 2016
10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Meeting Room 3
Breakout Sessions

Manufacturers from Henry Ford on have long understood the advantages of building expertise around a few select products, services or tasks to improve quality and competitiveness. Increasingly, hospitals and other healthcare centers and systems are adopting these principles as they discover that offering all services to all patients has led to unwanted inefficiencies, higher costs and, in some cases, less than optimal care. This session will explore the advantages of a focused factory approach for managing service lines and improving patient care. Applications can range from facilities creating regional centers of excellence for cancer care or cardiac surgery to an individual hospital reorganizing trauma care so that only a specialized team handles a patient’s needs from admission to discharge. Panelists will examine the benefits and proper application of focused factory models, as well as how specialized approaches can work in tandem with the integrated care needed by certain patients, like the chronically ill, whose treatments and medications must all work in harmony.

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