Enhancing the Patient Experience

Thursday, November 3, 2016
10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Mount Vernon Square B
Breakout Sessions

Moderator: Evan Richardson, Senior Vice President, Platform Operations, Grand Rounds

Since CMS began releasing HCAHPS scores, hospitals have felt growing pressure to ensure a positive care experience for the people passing through their doors. While debate still rages on the importance and validity of different metrics, there is near unanimity on the need to improve patient experience, particularly as hospitals move to a value-based model. Many institutions are hiring patient experience managers to expedite change, investing in technology like iPads for patients and visitors to access their EMRs or to schedule appointments, providing one-stop coordinated care for people with chronic illnesses, and training staff to have a “patient-first” mentality in every interaction. Studies have shown that hospitals that rank in the top tier for patient experience tend to reap other benefits, including higher profitability and lower staff turnover. This session will explore the practices shown to have the greatest impact in increasing patient satisfaction.

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